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Our Help with DIY SOS: The BIG Build - March 2013

Trampolines online wanted to help with the project because we felt that it was such a beautiful cause and an inspirational family, I'm sure you will feel the same........

The family we wanted to help is Effie and her husband Jason.   She is a cardiac nurse and her husband Jason was a health care worker until 2011 when he had a motorbike accident. They were visiting relatives in the Philippines to show them their new baby when disaster struck. Despite wearing a helmet Jason suffered major head injuries, he was in a coma for 18 days and when he recovered he was left partially blind and paralysed down his right side.  He can no longer care for himself and relies on his wife Effie to wash him, take him to the toilet and earn enough money to support their family.  They have two children, AJ (5) and Isabelle (20 months).  AJ is autistic and has struggled to come to terms with the huge changes in Jason and in their home.  Isabelle is still very little but she is now growing up watching her father having to use a commode in the kitchen and sleeping in the living room on a sofa bed because he can't get upstairs. Effie's sister, brother in law and niece (14 months) moved in after the accident to try and help Effie manage but they are putting their own lives on hold and also work long hours within the NHS. Effie is a proud woman and loves her job, she has been advised to quit working and rely on benefits, but she refuses to do so.

DIY SOS asked for help as a garden trampoline will make a huge difference for AJ who is autistic and has found the upheaval with his Dad's accident particularly distressing.  There has been a growing amount of evidence to suggest that individuals with autism and other developmental disorders greatly benefit from regular trampoline usage. In fact, trampolines can provide endless benefits for those with special needs.

The trampoline we supplied was the 8ft Telstar Jump Capsule DELUXE.  We installed the DELUXE model as this is one of the safest trampolines in the UK, built to the highest standard using quality components and has a fully enclosed "no escape" safety enclosure with a safety net pole on EVERY leg. View this trampoline

Our build date was the 20th March 2013 and the following day was the BIG Reveal.  A fantastic

 final day when the family finally get to see the BIG Reveal. It was a great experience, emotional and we were grateful to have had the opportunity to help the DIY SOS team and the family.

We received this letter from the family:

Dear Trampolinesonline,

We can't begin to express our gratitude for what you have done.  It hasn't been easy dealing with things for the past 18 months but knowing that there is a community and kind hearted people like you definately helps.

Everytime I think of the effort you put into this for our family I'm floored.  The house and garden are amazing, perffect for Jason and the kids.  Life has been easier recently, half of the worries are gone.  My problem is I am sitting and relaxing more now and really noticed the difference.  Thank you from the bottom of our heart, you have helped in ways we can't even express.  We will never forget this.

Yours sincerely

Jason, Effie, Aj and Ysabella x

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