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Trampoline Health Benefits For 2023


Trampoline Health Benefits 

Well, the basic act of jumping on a trampoline that brings so much happiness is quite unexplainable. After all, we don't know about you, but we've never seen someone look unhappy whilst jumping on a trampoline. Never....but what are the Trampoline Health Benefits For 2023?

Well, using them sees you releasing a bunch of endorphins. A quick hop on the trampoline has some surprisingly favourable benefits to our health. Trampoline fitness is quite a popular workout these days too. You can join an adult group trampoline fitness class, and it won't be surprising that in 2023, it will become as notorious as Yoga or Pilates.

Release your inner child, as we're bringing you some trampoline health benefits for 2023 that will certainly make you jump for joy.

You'll feel happier!

It's not just because jumping on a trampoline is good fun. Scientifically speaking, when you hop on the trampoline, you release a bunch of endorphins which are normally triggered due to stress or pain, which is quite the opposite of what you think a good time on a trampoline will bring.

But, don't worry; it's a good thing! Endorphins, in fact, help to relieve pain, reduce your stress levels and overall improve your sense of well-being. In addition, dopamine, a type of monoamine neurotransmitter, surges in your brain when you jump, known as the "dopamine rush", and you'll immediately feel a gush of undeniable pleasure. No wonder we call it the happiness hormone. So, if you ever feel down in the dumps, take a trip on the trampoline instead.

Good for weight loss

Did you know that with a quick 10-minute workout on the trampoline, you can expect to burn through somewhere between 50-150 of your calories? Studies have also shown that a 10-minute hop on the trampoline is equivalent to a 30-minute run. This is because jumping on a trampoline is considered to be quite a vigorous high-intensity exercise, granting you the same physical effects as playing sports such as football.

Every time you jump, your muscles need to work efficiently, and the body provides fuel for those muscles by burning through those calories. Neat right? What's more, is that jumping on a trampoline is a whole-body exercise. It uses your legs, thighs, hips, arms, and abs; you name it. So if you want to tone up and burn fat, trampolining has your back.

Helping prevent osteoporosis is another one of the Trampoline Health Benefits For 2023

From the gist of things, a trampoline for health benefits is a gold mine. But, adding to that gold mine, trampolining helps prevent osteoporosis. To give you a quick overview of osteoporosis, it is a health condition that weakens bones, making them fragile in the process and more likely to break. It develops slowly over a long period, and the risk of osteoporosis increases as you get older. However, it's never too early to start thinking about lowering the risk, and trampolining increases bone density, which helps prevent osteoporosis.

One of the more effective ways to get improving bone health is by working against gravity. So, want to hear a great thing about trampoline fitness? When you jump on a trampoline, the force of gravity (also known as G-force) is felt throughout your whole body.

Let's talk about running. Running is a high-impact exercise that causes joints to stress due to the force of the impact. Trampoline fitness, however, is a low-impact activity, absorbing 80% of the impact during the rebound, which means it benefits your bones and muscles without the consequences of damaging weight-bearing joints.

Studies have also shown that trampoline fitness is highly effective for improving bone density in children, giving you more of a reason to let those kids unleash their energy in the safety of your own garden, if you buy a trampoline for them of course, which we'd love to let you know that we've got a good selection only a few clicks away. Anyways! Yes, trampolining for health reasons is the way to go, especially as it can help lower the risk of irreversible conditions such as osteoporosis.

Improves cardiovascular health

For all those who have jumped for a few minutes on a trampoline, you'll know how fun and tiring it can be. After all, according to NASA, a quick 10-minute bounce around on a trampoline is actually a better cardiovascular exercise than running for 33 minutes. Great, isn't it? Especially for those who detest running.

Trampoline fitness is an aerobic workout that greatly increases your heart rate to get your blood pumping round your body. The jumping up and down motion causes your heart rate to increase, in turn improving blood circulation in your body. Just like any of the other muscles in your body, the more your heart works out, the stronger it will get, essentially being able to pump more blood around your body in a single heartbeat.

Additionally, increasing the heart rate also increases the oxygenation of the body, boosting your immune system. So, a quick 10-minute trampoline fitness session will do the trick if you want to improve your cardiovascular health and fitness.

Bounce back into a healthy lifestyle with trampolines and savor the Trampoline Health Benefits For 2023

Without a doubt, trampolines have a vast array of health benefits. What better way to improve your health and fitness whilst also having fun? Besides, we think a quick jump on the trampoline to get those endorphins swimming is much better than a stressful workout at the gym. It will keep your children busy, and when the trampoline is finally free, blast up the music and get jumping too.

If you have yet to experience the joy of bouncing on a trampoline, why not check out our store here.

It is important to us that you purchase the right trampoline for your home. We have a vast array of trampolines in many shapes and sizes to suit both children and adults. We've got quite the collection here that is dying to be seen by you. Every home doesn't need a trampoline, but every trampoline deserves a home. So open up your home (and arms) to one of our trampolines; in return, they will grant you access to a vast range of health and fitness benefits.

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