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Go karts


Go karts have come a long way since fathers and sons used to attach wheels to a wooden box and push each other down the nearest hill. Today new features make them more exciting, and safer, than ever. Whether you're looking for a traditional style or something more suitable for the modern boy racer here at Saturn Stores we're guaranteed to have what you want.


We stock some of the top brand names in the industry, including BERG, Kettler and Dino, and the most up-to-date designs because we believe that you deserve the best.


Three wheel pedal go karts are the latest design that offers faster speeds and better manoeuvrability. The design even gives riders a cardio fitness work out as well as toning the abdominals, legs and buttocks meaning there might be more than a few adults having a go.

Don't worry if you don't have acres of land for your budding racer to drive around on. New models are designed for narrower city streets and can even be stored upright so they take up less space. Younger brothers and sisters don't need to feel left out either with some models having option to fit a passenger seat. Go karts are not just boy's toys and even the girliest girl would have trouble resisting the BERG Roxy with pink and orange paint and multicoloured flower stickers.

Most modern pedal go kart manufacturers pride themselves on their heavy duty design which makes them virtually indestructible. They also include a number of safety features to increase stability and give parents that added piece of mind. All our product guides come with information about age suitability and the safety features, which is something to bear in mind.

We understand that buying a pedal go-kart is an investment that you hope your child will play with for years to come. However, no matter how careful you are, children's toys get broken from time to time.  BERG three wheelers and pedal go-karts all come with a three year warranty on the frame and Kettler go-karts are covered by a three year warranty. On a Dino go kart the chassis is covered for five years and all the other parts for two years for that added piece of mind.

Features such as aerodynamic front spoilers, double ball joints for more precise steering and front swivel suspension would all sound at home on a sports car, but are just some of the things to consider.

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