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Trampolines are great for bringing families together because they’re fun and also very good exercise which means that everyone can enjoy them and appreciate their benefits.


The health benefits of trampolines have been confirmed by NASA scientists who have said that “rebounding” is 68 per cent more effective than jogging and on top of this; they also help improve your balance and your posture, which is a benefit at any age.


It has also been found that trampolines can help reduce the risk of obesity, improve your coordination and agility and perhaps most impressive of all, they can help stimulate the lymph system which helps fight off bugs and viruses.


As well as these benefits, there are other things that you should know before shopping for a trampoline;


Measuring up:


It’s important to decide whereabouts in the garden you’ll want the trampoline to go so that you can ensure that you have at least two feet either side for setting it up safely.  Also, remember not to set the trampoline up under branches or anything that may get in the way when somebody is jumping on it.


Be Realistic:


If you only have a small garden it’s best not to invest in a large trampoline because you’ll want some of the garden left over for other activities. However, remember that children grow so don’t get a trampoline that’s too small because it won’t last for long.




This is particularly important if you have small children, there should always be an adult present in case of accidents and adventurous children trying tricks on their new trampoline.




Trampolines will usually last you for years as long as they are looked after but it’s always best to carry out checks on the springs and the pads to ensure that it’s completely safe to use.  If you find that some of the springs are squeaky, this can be easily treated with oil or some petroleum jelly and replacement pads are sold by trampoline suppliers.


If you’re shopping for a trampoline, make sure that you know the dimensions you’re after so that you don’t get one too big for your garden.


It is always best to have an adult present when children are playing on the trampoline in case they have an accident.


Trampolines will usually last you for years as long as they are looked after properly.


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