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Mini trampoline workouts better for you than running


Fed up with pounding the pavements?  The new workout to hit the UK uses a mini trampoline and is called Rebounding. A fun group exercise class were the instructor takes the class participants through a progressive warm-up into a high energy, low impact rebounding section.  Plyometric jumps, jogging and rebounding exercises are performed on the trampoline, repartition after repartition to increase the heart rate and work the legs.  The instructor finishes the class with a series of core exercises such as The Plank and Hip Lift and a final stretch.

If you think that Rebounding on a trampoline cannot be as tough as running, think again.  NASA have conducted studies comparing the two types of exercise using eight participants ages between 19 and 26, they claim that "Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man."

Georgia Archer a group exercise instructor agrees that the cardiac output can be on a level with running but without the stress and impact on the joints, "It is especially good for those who are recovering from an injury such as knee or ankle.  The rebounding class workouts are tailored to suit individual needs and are progressive at a sensible rate."

If you cannot get to the gym, its a great workout to do at home. "Mini trampolines cost from about £32 and once the legs have been attached you are ready to go" adds Georgia.

For a fun, energetic workout which has great fitness benefits without the impact try Rebounding.

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