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Trampolining is natural, easy and rhythmical, the power of the trampoline bed provides fun and excitement but injuries can easily be caused if safe and responsible guidelines are not followed.  See our guidelines below for safe usage of your trampoline

User Guidlines
To reduce the risk of injury during trampolining take note of the following points:
- Using a trampoline safety net reduces the risk of injury by a huge 70%.
- Children under the age of six should not be allowed to use a garden trampoline.  This age group should only use trampolines suitable for their age.
- One person should use the trampoline.  75% of injuries occur when there is more than one person using the trampoline.  The lightest person is five times more likely to become injured.
- Somersaults should not be allowed due to the risk of head and neck injuries.
- Children using a trampoline should always be supervised by an adult.
- Educate your children on the correct usage of trampolines and trampolining.  Set some basic rules such as, no somersaults, one person at a time, do not jump off of the trampoline, do not crawl underneath the trampoline, bounce in the centre of the trampoline.
- Remove shoes and jewellery before mounting the trampoline.
Before using the trampoline the following safety points should be adhered to:
- Ensure the trampoline is placed in an area free from hazards such as: trees, washing lines, fences etc.
-  A garden trampoline needs to placed on a soft base, ideally grass but sand, bark and some children’s play matting will provide the same energy absorbing  result.  Never place your trampoline on a concrete base.
- Before each use the trampoline frame work should be checked, ensure that the trampoline legs are locked in place.
- Before each use check the jumping mat for damage/holes.

Follow our safety guidelines above and you will greatly reduce the risk of injury.


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