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Telstar VORTEX Black Edition


Vortex Trampolines for Sale


We have an amazing selection of Telstar vortex trampolines which are all on sale and at affordable prices. All of the trampolines shown on this page are all brand new for 2015, we will be updating this page for more upcoming Vortex trampolines, so keep an eye out for the Telstar vortex black edition package. These black edition Vortex trampolines are suitable for a small or big garden as the come in various shapes and sizes.

All of the Telstar black edition vortex trampolines have safety enclosures, the reason why we have them on the trampolines is because we want your children to play safely on our trampolines. Also, we believe that your child should be healthy and active which is why we encourage children to exercise and play through our trampolines.

The Telstar vortex black edition trampoline range comes in different shapes and sizes. Choose from 8ft to 14ft and the shapes includes circular and oval. On top of this, they all come with a free cover and ladder! So don't miss out on our extraordinary range of vortex trampolines as you won't find a better quality of them anywhere else.

Interested in buying a Telstar vortex trampoline? Then click on one of the images above to find out more details about your chosen trampoline. We have an exquisite selection of trampolines, so if you would like to see more of our other trampolines such as our plum trampolines or our Jumpking trampolines, click on the links.

Here at Trampolines Online, we strive to keep all of our customers happy through our trampolines and we believe that our vortex trampolines are ideal for you and your child to have for any occasion. If you would like to buy a Telstar black edition vortex trampolines, call us on 0333 3660062 and one of our experts will be more than happy to make the arrangement with you. Needless to say, that Trampolines Online are one of the leading suppliers of trampolines for sale.    

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