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Sunken Trampolines - They look GREAT and are SAFER

12ft Fun Bouncer Supertramp Trampoline

More and more people are now sinking their garden trampoline into the ground.  It not only looks great, with a sunken trampoline you do not need a trampoline safety enclosure, it is far safer as there is less distance for people to fall off and injure themselves.  It is easier for younger children to use the trampoline once in the ground, they can play on it, around it and over the top of it without risk of injury.


Here are our top tips to a superb sunken trampoline:

WHERE is the TRAMPOLINE going to be LOCATED?: - Decide where in the garden you plan to put the trampoline.  It needs to be away from hedging, walls and trees.  Somewhere that has space around the trampoline

CHOOSE the TRAMPOLINE SIZE: - The size and shape of trampoline should be your next decision.  You don't want to purchase a trampoline that is too small, re-digging the hole in a few years to make space for a larger trampoline isnt ideal! The children will grow, we recommend at least a 12ft trampoline should be considered, this size trampoline is suitable for all ages, both children and adults. The shape of the trampoline is also important.  Oval trampolines, rectangular trampolines, square trampolines and round trampolines are all available.  The most popular shape for sinking into the ground is definately a round garden trampoline.

PADDING COLOUR: - Trampoline padding is generally available in BLUE, GREEN and BLACK.  Green padding certainly looks better but the blue padding creates a contrast making it very clear where the trampoline is in your garden.

OUR RECOMMENDATIONS: - We recommend using either SUPERTRAMP or NISSEN trampolines if you are looking to sink the trampoline completely flush with your garden.  BERG offer a range of 'In Ground' trampolines which sit 20cm above ground height.  All of these trampolines offer high quality, strong framework and essential 30mm surround padding.

Other Considerations: - You also need to consider the following:

  • Off road parking for a skip ( 2 - 3 full skips is average) / grab lorry
  • Access for a mini digger into the back garden
  • Underground pipe work 
  • A drainage hole will be needed
  • A retaining wall will be needed
  • Do you want the hole to be lined with a weed fabric?
  • Finish to surrounding lawn - choose from Lawn, Artificial Grass (makes mowing around the trampoline easier!), Children's Soft Tarmac

Once you have made all the correct decisions you will need to mark accurately the trampoline site ready for excavation.  Let the digging begin!

Or if you prefer, we can arrange it for you.  We recommend Sunken Trampolines and Windsor Harris Landscapes plus other reputable landscapers with previous experience of sunken trampolines.


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